Susan’s Vision & Mission

Her Vision:

The dolphin symbolizes Susan’s vision for each client. She says, “Dolphins are smart and playful mammals; always smiling; they form loyal friendships with human beings and are built for speed in their natural element.  I see my clients building and protecting their health & their wealth — gracefully riding the ups and downs of life with strength and agility. Ultimately experiencing the freedom to retire in comfort – with meaningful connections to people and places – for a life well-lived.”

Her Mission:

“My husband and I thought we were all set to retire. And then, in 1998 my life changed in an instant when my husband died in a plane crash. I had to learn to breathe again and put my life back together. When an insurance carrier refused to pay out, I needed advice and a strong advocate. That experience shaped my life purpose which is to help ensure my clients best days are ahead — for them and their loved ones.”

“I work hard to help my clients maintain the lifestyle they are accustomed to. Call me. Let’s talk.”  — Susan D Marshall