New Book Helps Southern California and Nevada Residents Address the Financial Challenges of Long-Term Care

Book Cover

Henderson, Nevada—Susan D. Marshall is excited to announce that her book, “Protecting Your Future with Tax-Free Long-Term Care (So Cal and Nevada Edition)” is now available. Co-authored with Don Quante, this book addresses one of the top financial concerns that keeps baby boomers up at night: how to pay for future long-term care expenses without going broke in the process.

Surveys consistently show that if they got ill and needed long-term care, most people would strongly prefer to receive this care at home rather than at an assisted living facility or nursing home. However, as this book makes clear, most people also severely underestimate the cost of long-term care. For example, few realize that round-the-clock care in the home can cost $24 per hour or more…which can add up to an astonishing $210,240 per year!

“Protecting Your Future with Tax-Free Long-Term Care” provides a primer on a wide variety of strategies for covering these costs. Readers learn why they cannot or should not count on Medicare or Medicaid (known as Medi-Cal in California) to pay their long-term care bills. They get a deep understanding of what traditional long-term care insurance is, including how it works and what it covers. And they get an overview of other potential options for paying for long-term care, from government benefits to private pay solutions.

“Although the average person is not aware of them,” Susan explains, “there are actually many creative financial strategies that can be used to pay long-term care costs. For example, in this book I explain annuity-based, life insurance-based, asset-based and IRA-based strategies. It’s a real eye-opener for most readers!”

In addition to teaching consumers how to plan for their own future long-term care, the book also provides sound advice on how to care for one’s aging parents now. How do you choose the right home care agency? What’s the difference between medical and non-medical home care services? What should you look for when choosing an assisted-living facility? Readers get answers to all of these questions and more.

“Considering that we currently have over 8,900 baby boomers turning 65 every day,” Susan adds, “the lack of planning for long-term care is a big problem in our society. On top of this demographic issue, the Alzheimer’s Association’s data shows that every 65 seconds someone in the U.S. is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s—a sad reality that further compounds the problem.”

“Protecting Your Future with Tax-Free Long-Term Care (So Cal and Nevada Edition)” is available by request at