Making a meal stretch

I thought of so many times when my mom would have an extra guest show up and she would share with me. “Okay, we need to figure out how we’re going to make this meal go a little further.”

So, she would add some extra potatoes or maybe rice or an additional vegetable dish or maybe just throw some extra leaves in the salad, just to make the meal be enough for everybody. She also always said F.H.V. – Family Hold Back to make sure the guest received their fair share first.

It reminds me about the lady and the bottles of oil in the Bible and how by trusting Jesus, her oil just continued to grow and grow, she was able to be wealthy. It makes me think about how if we are smart with our money – there are ways we can continue to make our money grow and never run out.

Delicious Pasta Salad

When Life Happens

Finding My Purpose – Susan D Marshall

My husband and I thought we were all set to retire. And then, in 1998 my life changed in an instant when my husband died in a plane crash. I had to learn to breathe again and put my life back together. When an insurance carrier refused to pay-out I needed advice and a strong advocate.

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News Flash

Susan hosts educational seminars/webinars on how to protect yourself against all eventualities:

  • Protecting your Future with Tax-Free Long-Term Care
  • Key Decisions for Women in Retirement
  • Medicare Solutions

Check back to read the latest in her blog. Please submit a request for Susan to be a speaker at your next event. She loves to educate groups and empower them with strategies.

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Woman on the phone

Client Story

Susan advocates for her clients above and beyond the typical role of an agent

I had an insurance client who was subjected to changes in her health insurance plan against her wishes. She was initially promised that she could keep her physicians which was critical to solving her complex health issues.

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