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Client Story

Susan advocates for her clients above and beyond the typical role of an agent

I had an insurance client who was subjected to changes in her health insurance plan against her wishes. She was initially promised that she could keep her physicians which was critical to solving her complex health issues.

She wanted to keep her primary care physician (PCP), and me as her health insurance agent of record. Then she discovered, while in- between surgeries and on the verge of starting dialysis, that her insurer changed her primary care physician!

I did a 3-way conference call to member services and made sure they retroactively changed the record to her previous PCP. In addition, she was added to the group where she did not have to start over with her doctor referrals. Then we discovered that I was still not her agent of record. We made that change retroactive as well. It can be a jungle out there. Call me. Let’s talk about your insurance protection.