Like Automobiles – Life Insurance Has Evolved – It Is Far More Than A Death Benefit.

Here are the three benefits of life insurance:

I. The Foundation Of Life Insurance
Should the unthinkable happen and you pass away… life insurance first and foremost provides a death benefit that will:

• Ensure your dreams of sending your children to college, paying-off your mortgage, and providing for your family, come true after you are gone.
• Pay the unexpected bills such as medical or funeral costs.
• Provide relief from additional expenditures, and taxes, due to business succession or estate settlement costs.

Losing a loved one is difficult enough. With proper life insurance coverage in place, your family will have peace of mind, free from additional financial burdens. Your legacy will continue.  The things you have worked so hard to build, things you have believed in and loved will carry-on.

II. Wealth Accumulation Through Life Insurance Policies

Cash-value life insurance can grow your wealth in ways no other product can. It has been the best kept secret of the rich and famous. The rich have always understood and employed the power of cash value life insurance. Now everyday, ordinary people have discovered it. They are experiencing the benefits that at one time only the rich took advantage of.

• Cash-Value Insurance offers safety and growth – the best of both worlds.
• Policies can be designed and structured to fund your child’s education or to enjoy a tax free retirement.

Growing rapidly in popularity are innovative and flexible index products. Both Fixed Indexed Annuities, (which is not life insurance), and Fixed Indexed Universal Life Insurance have changed the game when it comes to building cash value in a policy.

Indexed products follow an external market index. Although an external index such as the S&P, the DOW or NASDAQ, is used in determining the amount of interest or gains you receive, your money is not in the market, your money is not directly participating in equity or fixed income investments.

III. Living Benefits Of Life Insurance

This is where some of the most advantageous improvements have been realized.

The new type of insurance policies offered today include and/or offer additional riders. These additional benefits allow you to access the face amount of your policy or may provide additional benefits should you should you have a serious or terminal illness.

• Riders that provide for care if you should have an accident and can’t work another day of your life.

• Riders that can protect your purchasing power and loan amounts.

• Riders that address such things as critical illness and Long-Term Care.

Today, insurance provides the benefits you seek. It provides the foundation to provide and protect your family’s dreams, innovative index strategies that allow for wealth accumulation and living benefits that can provide a tax free retirement, pay for college and address concerns such as chronic illness and long term care.

There are many options available to you to help you create the financial future you desire. If you are open to the possibilities, you will see that insurance products provide many benefits you want and have been looking for.

“I can help you address your personal and professional needs. If you would like help determining the right amount of insurance and strategies that will put you in a stronger financial position, give me a call. Let’s talk. It isn’t about how much you need… It is about how much you want!”
—Susan D Marshall