What if life throws at you the unexpected?

I’ve lost too many friends young. I’ve had too many friends get cancer YOUNG! (I’ve even watched too many children have cancer.) Every time my heart breaks.

Ok, Cancer isn’t the only concern… what about an accident?

A simple slip and fall, and suddenly your out of work, are you covered?

When do you want to be DNR? (This is not something your family should have to make a decision for you on.)

What about a COMA? I’m pleased that after 40 days, a friend recovered! Thankfully during that time, there was brain activity the whole time. What if there wasn’t? Should family have the guilt of telling the Doctor it’s ok to “Pull the Plug”.

This is such a morbid blog, but I’m so heart broken still when a young man I knew throughout his childhood cried about the guilt of making that decision for his mother. These are not decisions your children should have to make for you ever.

Death is terrible, but last I checked it was the only inevitable thing besides taxes… do we want to avoid it or make a plan to help our family through it?